Gap Em


Do you love racing on a race track? It’s said that auto racing began 5 minutes after the second car was built! Racing on a race track is a fun and exciting way to showcase your racing and driving skills.

While we love playing games like Need for Speed: Heat and Forza Horizon 4, we also spend a lot of time with the technology. When we’re trying to skip out on working for the man, we have a few go-to games that you could consider our favorite. But what if a racer wants to do it on a real racing track? Are you not satisfied with the racing games? GAP EM is for you!

GAP EM is a gem for racers and skilled drivers. GAP EM is an opportunity for real racers. It is a race track app. A racer can find local opponents to race and challenge opponent racers to a specific racing track. Car racer, bike racers can build their profiles on the GAP EM for real racing at a race track.

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